Drag and drop form builder for WordPress. Ready to use forms in just a few clicks.

Quform makes it easy to build basic or complex forms in WordPress in minutes.

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About Quform

Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to create multiple forms quickly and easily. Using our form builder is made simple with drag and drop and one click functionality and it works in all major browsers. It's compatible with WordPress versions 3.1 and above.

If you're worried about styling, don't! Styling your form is a doddle with our theming system and style options. It's suited for both novice and advanced web designers.

Quform is translated in:


15 element types

15 included element types

Loads of elements for all types of forms. You can see the full list here.

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Drag and drop

Drag and drop form elements

Organize your form in the form builder with drag and drop functionality and one click edits.

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Theming system

Theming system with 2 included themes

Two stylish themes available in dark and light with the option of rounded corners with both. You can also make your own theme, and even sell it or share it with others if you like.

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Complex layouts

Group form elements for complex form layouts

The grouping system allows you to create columns and organize the form into sections. You can can also nest groups so you can have full control of the forms layout.

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Thanks again...great app! Can't believe you guys were able to make the tedious task if form building fast and fun, yeah I said it...fun!


This is such a wonderful plugin! It accomplishes so many things we needed for our project.

The support is equally was magnificent. ThemeCatcher went above and beyond to help us integrate the plugin further into our theme. I highly recommend both this plugin and any other by ThemeCatcher!


This is the greatest plug-in I ever bought, from ENVATO ! Such an easy and advanced options in the admin-panel, no experiences needed. :-)


I use QuForm all the time and it is superb, along with great support from ThemeCatcher.

Keep up the good work, don’t know where I’d be without this form builder!



I must comment that the Quform UI is simply the best out there. Great Job!


First off, great plugin. If you as the user are not so fond of messing with any code, this is for you.

With just a couple of hours of work and customization I was able to create 3 application forms in a very nice layout. check this out http://www.nylease.com/credit-application/


i don’t know if anyone will bump to this comment but i must must say … THIS IS THE BEST FORMS PLUGIN TO WORDPRESS PERIOD.

i tryed the so call “best” out there like: gravity, formiddable

but this plugin is a really work of art

i promise to each person thinking buy, 25$ IT’S NOTHING for what you getting back.


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