Features | Style and layout

Theming system with 2 included themes

Two stylish themes available in dark and light with the option of rounded corners with both. You can also make your own theme, and even sell it or share it with others if you like.

Style the form and elements without opening a CSS file

You can use the color picker to easily change the form element and font colors. If you want more advanced modifications you can add any CSS code via the form builder. If you want even more advanced styles you can create your own Quform theme or use the custom.css file.

Group form elements for complex form layouts

The grouping system allows you to create columns and organize the form into sections. You can can also nest groups so you can have full control of the forms layout.

Uniform jQuery plugin, with 3 themes

“Uniform masks your standard form controls with custom themed controls. It works in sync with your real form elements to ensure accessibility and compatibility.” - http://uniformjs.com