Features | Submissions

Submitted form entries are saved for viewing inside the WordPress admin

View all your form entries inside WordPress with the ability to search.

Send submitted form data via email

Have all your form entries emailed to your chosen email address. You can also send to multiple addresses and even conditionally send to certain address depending on the form values.

Custom autoreply

This is a great feature to let the form user know you have received your email with your own personalized message.

Save form values to a custom database or the database table of another plugin

You can configure Quform to save chosen form data to a custom database table. For example, you could link this to a newsletter plugin and use Quform to collect subscribers.

SMTP support

If your server doesn't support sending emails you can configure Quform to send via a SMTP server.

Send all form data via email or customize it to suit

By default all submitted form data is sent to you via email, you can customize the email content to only show the data you need.

On submit, display a message or redirect

You can either show message above or below the form once the form is submited or you can have the user redirected to any other page.

Conditionally set recipients based on form values

Change who the submitted form data is sent to depending on the users selections. You can send to multiple recipients also.

Search form entries

Search through the data submitted by users in WordPress.