Quform 2.16.0 Released

Quform version 2.16.0 is now available, grab it by going to Forms → Settings → License & Updates → Check for updates, it’s also available for download on CodeCanyon.

In this update we have added a new WPML integration which allows a form to be translated into multiple languages using the WPML plugin. We’ve also added a few helpful hooks and fixed a few bugs. Read on for more information about these features and the full changelog.

What’s New

WPML integration

We’ve created a new Quform WPML add-on that is freely available on the WordPress Plugins directory. See our WPML integration guide for how to get started.



  • Added support for the Quform WPML add-on – translate forms into multiple languages using WPML
  • Added a class to the CAPTCHA image
  • Added a quform_pre_delete_entry hook before entries are deleted
  • Added a filter hook to remove the hidden submit button
  • Added a JS event trigger when a file upload is added or removed
  • Fixed not being able to resubmit the form with confirmation redirect types
  • Fixed a race condition issue when saving session data
  • Fixed a fatal error when checking for updates in rare situations
  • Fixed large numbers being rounded or converted to scientific notation when exported
  • Fixed empty value shown in email when an invalid date or time is submitted
  • Fixed “you have unsaved changes” always showing with schedule options
  • Fixed “Plain text” field showing for non-HTML elements
  • Fixed background image CSS helper
  • Fixed page options not being sanitized
  • Fixed jQuery deprecations
  • Fixed deprecated warning in PHP 8.1
  • Updated Fancybox 1 to version 1.3.9
  • Updated Fancybox 2 to version 2.1.9

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