Quform 2.1.0 Released

Quform version 2.1.0 is now available, grab it by going to Forms → Settings → License & Updates → Check for updates, it’s also available for download on CodeCanyon.

In this update we’ve fixed a load of bugs and common problems since the 2.0.0 update, and added a few new options for minor functionality tweaks. Also this update includes the proper translations files for 19 languages. If you are interesting in contributing to the translation of the Quform plugin, head over to GlotPress.


  • Added a body padding option for notification emails
  • Added an option to translate the page progress text
  • Added a way to get a part of an array type element value using a variable tag
  • Added filter hooks when getting form values
  • Added radio and checkbox input selectors to the styling system
  • Added success message text and icon selectors to the styling system
  • Added datepicker selectors to the styling system
  • Added an option to use HTTP API requests instead of HTTPS
  • Added support for Hidden inputs being a source for logic rules
  • Added an option to the Date and Time elements to show the datepicker or timepicker when the field is focused
  • Added a readonly option to Date and Time elements
  • Added Ctrl+click to turn off a radio button when editing an entry
  • Added sorting the form list by ID by clicking the shortcode column heading in the forms list table
  • Added an option to hide the dashboard widget
  • Updated all of the plugin translation files
  • Updated the Kendo scripts to the latest stable version
  • Changed the ordering of form processing so that the entry ID is always available in success processing hooks
  • Changed the form preview to not include custom JavaScript
  • Changed the page tabs within the form builder to show the page number if the page does not have a label
  • Fixed a conflict with the Flatsome theme page builder
  • Fixed the database tables not being created on WordPress multisite
  • Fixed an issue with the submit button not extending to 100% width
  • Fixed an error submitting the form if an invalid date was entered for the min or max option in the Date element
  • Fixed an issue where the correct scripts were not being loaded after importing a form
  • Fixed an issue where the scripts were not being loaded after activating the plugin
  • Fixed an issue where the notification or confirmation settings could not be opened if the visual editor was disabled in the user’s settings
  • Fixed an issue where the visual editor popups were below the plugin popups
  • Fixed the position of the set entry label popup on the entries list
  • Fixed the links to proper documentation pages throughout the plugin
  • Fixed an issue where the icons could be missing from the plugin pages
  • Fixed an issue where the form could not be submitted if the Name element was hidden by conditional logic
  • Fixed several issues where links to plugin pages were visible even though the user did not have permission to access them
  • Fixed the visibility for the option to hide the form after submission in the confirmation settings
  • Fixed the global date and time format settings that previously did not work
  • Fixed the Select2 search input could not be focused within a form in Magnific Popup
  • Fixed the smooth scrolling script to properly scroll within popup forms
  • Fixed the submitted value of a CAPTCHA element displaying in the notification email form data
  • Fixed variables not being converted when migrating the autoreply email
  • Fixed the visible plugin menu items for non-administrator users with full plugin access
  • Fixed the validation error icon not working
  • Fixed the form preview when there is output from the quform_pre_display hook
  • Fixed a conflict with the Foobox plugin
  • Fixed notification attachments when the files are not also being saved to the server

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