Quform 2.2.0 Released

Quform version 2.2.0 is now available, grab it by going to Forms → Settings → License & Updates → Check for updates, it’s also available for download on CodeCanyon.

In this update we’ve added support for forms on cached pages (e.g. when using a plugin such as W3 Total Cache), fixed some outstanding bugs and added a few new options for minor functionality tweaks. After monitoring the effectiveness of the built-in honeypot CAPTCHA for a few months we’ve made some improvements in this update that should hopefully make it more effective against bots, we’ll be keeping an eye on how it performs and will make adjustments in the future if necessary.


  • Added support for forms on cached pages
  • Added support for modifiers in the {today} variable in the Date element, e.g. {today|+1 day}
  • Added support for modifiers in the {now} variable in the Time element, e.g. {now|+2 hours}
  • Added a hook quform_entry_edit_pre_display when displaying the edit entry form
  • Added a hook quform_entry_post_process when the edit entry form is submitted
  • Added global style selectors for progress bar and progress tabs
  • Added an option to change the vertical spacing between elements
  • Added global style selectors for the Next button
  • Added per-element styles for the Next button in the Submit Button element settings
  • Fixed CSRF protection
  • Fixed a bug where other form’s entry labels are deleted when saving form entry labels
  • Fixed the layout when printing an entry
  • Fixed logic checks when using greater than/less than operators
  • Fixed the reCAPTCHA element when using the WP Rocket plugin
  • Fixed submitting all forms when clicking a Radio Button / Checkbox with the Submit on choice option
  • Fixed the Name option for the Default recipient and Default “From” not saving on the Settings page
  • Fixed not being able to tab to a File Upload field
  • Fixed the height of the enhanced Select and Multi Select fields to be the same when using the field size options
  • Fixed Date and Time element translations not saving
  • Fixed the position of the required indicator text if the label text spans two or more lines
  • Fixed the Label text color option not working in some situations
  • Fixed the File Upload field not working when inside an Android WebView
  • Fixed the enhanced select appearance on Safari
  • Fixed per-element button styles not overriding the global button styles
  • Fixed the Dynamic default value option on the Name element
  • Fixed the Duplicate validator on the Name element
  • Fixed the entry export to not include Trashed entries
  • Improved the honeypot to be more resilient against bots
  • Changed the WordPress version requirement to 4.5

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