Quform 2.10.0 Released

Quform version 2.10.0 is now available, grab it by going to Forms → Settings → License & Updates → Check for updates, it’s also available for download on CodeCanyon.

In this update we have fixed all known bugs and added a couple of useful features.

We added a new variable {uniqid} to the insert variable list, you can use this to add a random unique ID to a form submission. Tip: if you use a Hidden field, you can set the default value to {uniqid}, then you can use the field value to show the same unique in the email subject, email content and when viewing entries.

We added a custom class option to the Hidden field, mainly for JavaScript purposes, and we added a new filter hook when getting field values.



  • Added a {uniqid} variable to generate a random unique value
  • Added a custom class option to the Hidden field
  • Added a filter hook when getting field values
  • Added the dropping of plugin tables when a multisite site is deleted (via wpmu_drop_tables)
  • Fixed the first column missing in the entry export
  • Fixed an issue where the value submitted in a Date field could change depending on the PHP timezone
  • Fixed a path issue with uploaded images if the path doesn’t have a trailing slash
  • Fixed locales not loading for Time elements if there are no Date elements in any form
  • Fixed an error with the Time element if there are no Date elements in any form
  • Fixed scripts loading on archive pages when set to only load on specific pages
  • Fixed a theme conflict with the icon selector
  • Fixed the CSRF protection failure error message not showing when Ajax is disabled
  • Fixed a bug where the selected redirect page could be lost when loading the confirmation settings
  • Fixed a bug where loading scripts on selected pages could be lost when loading the settings page
  • Fixed a conflict with WPML
  • Increased the time limit when importing and migrating forms
  • Updated the Quform block to resolve a deprecated warning
  • Removed PhpSpreadsheet samples and docs folders to reduce plugin size

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